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About us

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We are The Vanguard Group

The Vanguard Group – is committed to nurture the idealism of self-regulation in its entire activities while keeping the regulatory requirements with its profound concern,

Our Vision is to make the cherished dream of our founder and promoters to run the company into a high-tech financial institution by providing complete financial solutions to our customers that makes their life Easy.

With a culture marked by its uniqueness, the company is sure to conquer the hurdles in its paths of expansion and growth. We dedicate and commit ourselves to make the company a role model in its field for others to follow

About The Vanguard Group And ITS Business Strategy

The Vanguard Group enhances on which above route it has to be decided basing on the area of Client where their company is originated.

Elaborating The Vanguard Group is organised by an NRI with its legalised operations from Asian Countries of with Asian and European Countries and its wing office at Chennai .

The Vanguard Group - an look and proceed with the following areas for investing and since we are swinging our own financial operations solely under the FDI Schemes, so our sole discretion is final on how to proceed with the requirement of Client. Founded in 2004 to finance trade to all over India , The Vanguard Group is a Private Finance company which engaged in lending and focused on all kind of Business .

The Vanguard Group expertise is in fast alternative finance where we can place loan with a Long Terms Structure, Low Interest, Depending on the Particular Applicants, Credit Worthiness Securities, and Business Circumstances.