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We have two loan products

Property Based Loans

Project Based Loan

Additional products are also been nurtured and we avail them basing On the clients concepts :

Working Capital Term loans

Unsecured Business Loan

Infrastructure Loans

Loan Against Property

Corporate Loan

Acquisition / Development Loans


The typical project finance documentation can be reconducted to four main types:

  • Shareholder/sponsor documents
  • Project documents
  • Finance documents
  • Other project document.


You may be an ambitious real estate builder or an entrepreneur wanting to set up a manufacturing plant , we will assist you in availing the project funding you have the right kind of immovable asset .

Eligibility in receiving the LOAN to companies from The Vanguard Group

  • A person who is organising the company should have his entire business related document accurately.
  • All his company tax and duty payment liable has to be cleared off and should have clean record in related to the tax payment.
  • KYC documents for the entity and authorised individuals have to be maintained and submitted if required for the process

Minimum Business Criteria To Lend the Loan

  • Loan Amount Offered by the Company is : Minimum – 5 Cr & above.
  • Current Rate of Interest Offered by the Company is 4-6 % P.A.
  • Loan is sanctioned only based upon the Property’s Market Value / Business Hypothecation
  • Term of the Loan Period – 15 Years
  • Calculation of Principle + Interest Amount - Calculated in diminishing rate of interest Method.
  • Remittance of Interest Amount – Six Months Once
  • Remittance of Principle Amount - Every 5th Year One Third of the Principle Amount.

Official Deed For Positive Execution Of Loan Transaction

  • Execution of Equitable Mortgage Deed in Accordance to Banks Mortgage ( Deposit of Title Deed Etc.. )
  • Memorandum of Understanding Agreement Between Lender and Borrower ( Terms and Conditions of the Loan Transaction)

Loan Application Are Invited For Business Proposals Viz

  • Educational Institutions,
  • Hospitals
  • Purchasing & Development of Land or Complexes , Multiplexes ,
  • Promoting & Development of Group Housing / Residential Complex ,
  • Amusement Parks
  • Hotels & Shopping Malls,
  • Industries & IT Industries,
  • Solar Power Projects


  • Age Limit 24 -60
  • The Sanction of Loan facility is at the Sole Discretion of The Vanguard Group .
  • The Management of The Vanguard Group reserves the right to reject any application without assigning reasons thereof .

( The Terms and Conditions Mentioned Above and Elsewhere under the scheme are subject to modification from Time to Time Solely to The Vanguard Group Discretion Only )